The Crafty Expat is a blog where I write about my love for words and writing, my many hobbies such as reading, cooking, knitting and scrapbooking and my life as an expat in Melbourne.

The Crafty Expat readership has grown since its beginning in May 2012.  The figures are continually increasing.


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I am happy to receive and review products I feel are relevant to my readers.  My reviews will always be honest. The sponsored post fee is $200 plus the product, item or service. This fee must be paid in advance through my PayPal account.  Sponsorship will be disclosed on every post.

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I accept products for trial or review.  My reviews will always be honest.  There are no guarantees your product or service will appear on The Crafty Expat.  I will only review products I believe will interest my blog readers.  Gifted products will always be disclosed.


I will host competitions I believe will interest my readers. These competitions will run for one week and will be promoted via social media. The competition will be managed according to Victorian regulations.

If you’d like me to host a giveaway for your brand, you must meet the following guidelines:

•A sample of the prize to be gifted to The Crafty Expat to enable an accurate review to be written;

•Minimum total prize value of $25;

•You must send the prizes directly to the winner;


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I love writing and connecting with my readers.  I spend a lot of time updating The Crafty Expat and earning a small income from this blog allows me to continue to follow my passions of crafting and writing.

You can be sure I’ll always be honest in my writing, that all opinions expressed are my own and that no money can buy my opinion.

All the content on this blog is written by me and pictures are taken by me and copyrighted to The Crafty Expat unless specified otherwise.  If I have a guest post on the blog or if I take pictures from other websites, this will always be disclosed.

Any sponsored content or product I receive will be clearly marked as such.

I currently host advertisements for Nuffnang.

If you have any questions, please contact me.